Alcorn’s youth fitness camp comes to an end

What has been a fun-filled summer that included learning about nutrition and exercising has come to an end.

About 115 children gathered at the E.E. Simmons Gymnasium to say their goodbyes to each other during the awards ceremony for Alcorn’s summer fitness camp. The awards were given to the kids who performed the best throughout the camp. The camp’s last day was on Thursday, July 31.

Some of the camp participants entertained the crowd with different dance routines. The camp dancers called themselves the “Blue Cross, Blue Shield Dancers.” Coach Lewis gave credit to the young dancers for their exceptional work.

“They did really well. They have worked hard on their routine from the second week of the camp until now. I’m really proud of them,” said Lewis.

The camp targeted children between ages 7-14 and focused on reducing childhood obesity. Participants attended the camp from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, to participate in activities such as jogging, walking and playing sports. They were also taught the importance of eating healthy and staying away from tobacco in a classroom setting.

Coach Garry Lewis was proud of the effort that the kids put forward in this years camp. The camp’s end was bittersweet for Lewis.

“A lot of the kids did really well in the camp. I wish we could have kept the camp going up until school starts, but we have to shut it down today.”

Lewis recognized the parents who enrolled their children in Alcorn’s annual fitness camp.

“I really appreciate all of the parents who allowed their children to participate in the camp.”