Lawrence Warren named Alcorn’s Google Student Ambassador

For Alcorn State senior and computer science major Lawrence Warren, being a representative for Google on “The Yard” will be both thrilling and challenging.

“As of now, it is very exciting to be the Google student ambassador,” said Warren, who is a Brookhaven resident by way of Chicago. “I have many ideas, but have already begun to face a few of the hurdles that I expected to encounter during my time. I will remain positive on the outcome and I know faculty and staff will be supportive in getting our University recognized at one of the biggest technology companies on the planet.”

Warren became the first Alcorn State student to be a voice for the tech giant through the company’s Student Ambassador Program. The Program gives college students an opportunity to act as liaisons between Google and their universities. These ambassadors learn about innovative Google products and programs, plan and host fun events on campus, act as a campus contact for Google teams, and help Google better understand each university’s culture.

Warren’s duties as student ambassador will be to inform students of upcoming internship opportunities, host training events on Google services and products, and celebrate Google achievements.

When a Google recruiter recommended Warren in July, he immediately filled out the application and submitted a video to the company. Now that he has the title, he plans to encourage students that any goal can be within their reach.

“My job is important because at schools that are more rural, it is easy for students to think they do not have a voice or a chance to land a position within some of the larger companies. My duty is to not only teach students about the opportunities they can apply for, but to let them see that you can indeed be part of a very prosperous company.”

Warren also has plans to help incoming freshmen determine a career path. He believes that setting them on the right path will help them with the process of finding themselves.

“My plan is to reach out to the freshman at our school. If we can get them excited early in their education, then it will be easier to get them to learn. Upperclassmen have the opportunities open to them and know what they want to do, while many freshmen still need someone to push them in a particular direction.”

Warren hopes that another student will follow in his footsteps and become an ambassador one day. In an effort to make that a reality, his goal is to spread his knowledge to fellow Alcornites so they can increase their chances of replacing him after he graduates in May.

“I will be posting flyers and starting a small student organization in which I will train students and give them the opportunity to have hands on access to the tools I have at my disposal.”

The impression that Google left on Warren has given him a desire to pursue a career with the tech friendly cooperation.

“After visiting the Google campus in California and seeing the work environment, I would like to move on and take a permanent position within the Google franchise. I have never seen so many people happy and excited to be at work.”

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