Cortni Cooper looks forward to her reign as Miss Alcorn

In Vicksburg native Cortni Cooper’s freshman year at Alcorn, she left a great impression on her peers; an impression so profound that they declared her as the future Miss Alcorn. Fast forward to the present, the biology/pre-physical therapy major wears that coveted crown that her friends accurately predicted she would get.

“I would have never fathomed being in this position. I realized how much I cared for my peers, their best interests, and how determined I was to show love to them. I am loving the decision I’ve made to serve my peers,” said Cooper.

Cooper was elected Miss Alcorn during the 2013-14-spring semester. Her duties will include representing students at various events and meeting the needs of university matters. She also plans to promote fellowship, loyalty, and school pride to outsiders.

“My goals are to truly bring our student body together in love and unity through programs, events, and involvement. I plan to lead by example.”

Since being elected, Cooper has been too busy to soak in the moment.

“It has not truly hit me yet. My mind has been so occupied and focused on what is to come this year that I haven’t had a chance to take it in. This feeling is so surreal. Looking back on all that I have encountered, I feel truly blessed.”

The inspiration of Cooper’s friends is what prompted her to step outside of her comfort zone and strive to be the person to represent them.

“This is a new endeavor that I am willing to take on. I want to lend a helping hand, an ear to hear, or a simple smile to show my love for my friends. Growing is a part of life. I hope that each of my peers learn to step outside the box also.”

Cooper plans to apply energy and positive action to reach her goals for the upcoming school year. She hopes that her example of leadership will reach current and upcoming generations.

“Leading by example is a goal of mine because I really want to influence and inspire others with positivity in my actions. I want to touch the lives of many showing them how to achieve authentic success.”

Cooper believes that this time in her life will benefit her by improving her character and integrity.

“This position will humble me, help me to become more selfless, become a better listener, and become more poised and articulate when I speak. In my opinion, life is continually a learning process. Every thing that I learn during this period will benefit me in the long run.”

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