Dr. Mildred Pearson speaks at Alcorn’s Faculty and Staff Institute

When Dr. Mildred Pearson discovered brain based learning, a method of teaching that caters to the abilities of the students, it changed her life as a professor. She said that the change resulted in her class earning higher scores on exams.

“Some teachers refuse to change their teaching methods. We have to make adjustments to the way we teach our students by decreasing the threat of exams while keeping our standards,” stated Pearson.

Hope for the future, diversity and methods of giving effective instructions were among the topics discussed at this year’s Faculty and Staff Institute in the James L. Bolden Campus Union Ballroom Tuesday, August 19. The theme of the program was “Teaching In The New Millennium.”

Dr. Pearson is an associate professor at Eastern Illinois University where she teaches in the College of Education and Professional Studies in the department of early childhood, elementary, and middle level education.

She taught in the Oklahoma City Public School District for more than 17 years. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Langston University, a master of secondary education with an emphasis in English from the University of Central Oklahoma, and a doctorate in curriculum and educational leadership from Oklahoma State University.

Dr. Pearson’s speech focused on unlocking the potential of today’s students.

“When we view this generation, we must see the light that shines bright in all of our students. We should discuss collaborative and team based learning that will enhance this generation’s knowledge because they will bring change to the world.”

Dr. Pearson mentioned how the new generation inform, impart and impress us.

“They enlighten us on how diverse the world has become. They also impart to us how they learn and how everyone processes information differently. Then they impress us with their ability to navigate social media.”

Alcorn State President Dr. Alfred Rankins Jr. also spoke to faculty and staff at the program, giving the charge for the upcoming academic year.

He addressed challenges and opportunities while stressing the importance of the presence of Alcorn students.

“Students are why we are here. They keep the lights on and are the reason why we get paid. Our current student body is our priority, helping each student realize his or her potential and graduate is key to our success and growth,” said President Rankins.

President Rankins explained how important it is to display a welcoming and helpful attitude that will attract more students.

“In order for us to grow, we have to make sure that we give quality customer service at our institution. Everyone has to play their part and work as a team.”

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