Brickney Frierson hopes USE YOUR WORDS will have a social impact.

The untimely death of Treyvon Martin in Sanford, Fla. changed Alcorn State University Alum Brickney Frierson’s perspective of life. The sad reality of not being able to hear the deceased teenager’s side of the story troubled her. While attending graduate school, she was so inspired by the school’s slogan, “Change your life. Change the world,” that she decided to be a light in a dark world.

“There were so many words used in the trail, but we never heard Trayvon’s words because he was dead. That situation convinced me that we as a people have to change the way we speak to each other. It was at that moment I accepted the challenge to do my part to help change the world,” said Frierson.

Out of this inspiration came the organization, “USE YOUR WORDS,” a social campaign created by Frierson that empowers individuals to speak effectively and express themselves confidently, using the motto, “Be kind. Be honest. Be brave.” The organization, which was launched online on Friday, August 1, uses social media and seminars to encourage people to become change cadets and take the pledge, “I pledge to use my words. I will be kind. I will be honest. I will be brave. I will be a change cadet at home, at school and in the community.” The organization’s first seminar was held in Frierson’s hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Friday, August 8.

The organization has more than 20 children and is open to all ages.

Frierson earned her bachelor’s degree in mass communications/broadcast from Alcorn State University in 2008. A year later, she earned her first master’s degree in public relations from Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of public communications. She received her second master’s degree in May of this year in organizational leadership from Gonzaga University. She currently works as a public relations freelancer in Atlanta, Georgia.

Frierson hopes that her new venture will encourage people to successfully communicate with each other with hopes of making a positive change in society.

“The goal of this organization is to equip individuals with practical communication tools to ensure that desired messages are received and heard. Improving communication skills is the first step before society can unite for change.”

The organization’s presence on the internet has fueled its momentum. Frierson is pleased with the impact it has made so far. She has big plans for the organization in the future.

“I am very excited about its success. We have accomplished establishing dialogue online and our social media presence is growing daily. Our motto is something everyone understands and can apply. I’m hoping to conduct seminars nationally, especially at Alcorn!”

For more information about “USE YOUR WORDS,” like it on Facebook at or email Brickney Frierson at [email protected].

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