16-year-old Maya Raines spreads cheer

Alcorn State University cheerleader and accounting major Maya Raines has had a cheerful spirit her entire life. Now that she is cheering on the college level, she plans to display her enthusiasm with resounding BRAVE spirit.

“I have been cheerleading since I was in the third grade. What I enjoy most about being a cheerleader is meeting new people on campus and being one of the faces of Alcorn pride,” said Raines, who is a native of Natchez, Miss.

Raines, who is 16-years-old, is the youngest member of the Alcorn cheerleading squad. She was able to complete high school early by taking a class every summer and one online class in her senior year. Although she is the youngest on the squad, her fellow cheerleaders have welcomed her with open arms, making her feel comfortable being a part of the team.

“It doesn’t feel any different being the youngest cheerleader. The others made me feel like a member of the family from day one.”

Raines believes that there are other students on Alcorn’s campus who can relate to being a college student who is under the age of 18.

“It feels unreal to possibly be the youngest student on campus. I feel like there could be more students here that are close to my age.”

Her transition to life as a college student has been great so far. She expects the rest of her college journey to be an amazing experience.

“I am enjoying Alcorn. Everybody is very friendly and helpful. I expect to enjoy the rest of my four years here as an Alcornite.”

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