Alcorn’s LLJuna Weir to lead the Office of Educational Equity and Inclusion

The 2014 fall semester not only welcomes a new academic year, but also a new leader for the Office of Educational Equity and Inclusion at Alcorn.

As the director of educational equity and inclusion, LLJuna Weir will be responsible for assessing current programs and populations regarding diversity matters and use those assessments to propose and implement new initiatives.

Weir is confident that her background and experiences in athletics administration and serving on Alcorn’s Title IX committee will benefit her in this new position.

“I am honored and excited to assume this critical new role at Alcorn,” said Weir. “True diversity is greater than gender or race. It’s all-inclusive. I am going to thoroughly enjoy working with the Alcorn community to create the most inclusive and welcoming atmosphere on our campus.”

As a champion of equality for all students and the Alcorn community, Weir plans to survey the campus community to gather critical data about its perceptions of matters related to diversity and inclusion.

Weir earned both her Master of Science and Bachelor of Science degrees from Alcorn. She is married to Dante Weir and they have two children, Jonathan and Danyel.

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