Dr. Acholonu attends International Congress of Parasitology (ICOPAXIII) in Mexico and publishes article in international journal

Alcorn State University Professor of Biology Dr. Alex D.W. Acholonu gave a detailed presentation about the dangers cockroaches pose to human beings.

“Cockroaches carry different kinds of parasites which may also infect humans. Also, bacteria, parasite eggs and other food contaminants can and do stick to their jointed appendages and contaminate food they touch,” said Acholonu.

Acholonu recently returned from Mexico City, Mexico where he attended the International Congress of Parasitology (WFP) and presented a paper titled “Parasites of the Cockroach, Periplanata Americana (Insect; Blattidae) in Lagos, Nigeria with special reference to Raitietella gehyrae larvae (Pentastomida) and the experimental infection of albino rats with cystacanths of Moniliformis Moniliformis." This is his further study on parasites of cockroaches.

Acholonu also published a paper titled Pollution Studies on the Lower Pascagoula River in Mississippi in the international journal “Advances in Science and Technology.”

Acholonu and his students have been conducting water pollution studies on several freshwater bodies in the State of Mississippi and plan to continue such studies.

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