Tamara Bell’s summer internship proves to be useful

After spending seven weeks of her summer participating in a medical internship, Alcorn State University junior and Russum, Miss., native Tamara Bell is taking what she learned and applying it to her studies.

“I have already begun to see the benefits from being in the summer program,” said Bell, who majors in biology. “In the classroom, I am able to grasp the full concept and not just scratch the surface. This has helped the information in class to stick with me so that I can apply it to all of my science courses.”

Bell spent her summer at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine in Pittsburgh, Penn., where she participated in the Summer Premedical Academic Enrichment Program (SPAEP). The internship was geared toward strengthening the academic skills and professional development of highly motivated premedical students from around the country. Each week, the program participants went to the laboratory where they examined the organs of patients who had succumbed to whatever disease they were discussing.

Looking back on her time in Pittsburgh, Bell is glad that she took advantage of the great opportunity.

“I enjoyed my time spent at SPAEP. I had the chance to experience a great deal of what I will be exposed to once I join the medical field. I learned a lot of valuable information, met a lot of great people, and have grown from my entire experience.”

Bell’s internship was centered around two classes, MedBio and MedEnglish, that are designed to enhance students’ skills and knowledge in science, writing, and public speaking. Because of this training, Bell feels that her skills have improved.

“My critical thinking skills have greatly improved. As a result, I study more efficiently. My study time is more effective because I have learned how to better analyze the material.”

Coming from a small town, Bell realizes she, along with others with big dreams, will have doubters. Bell’s advice to anyone coming from lesser-known towns is to keep going until the goal is accomplished.

“I would tell them to learn what it takes to reach their particular goal. They should seek out the advice of individuals that are familiar with the field that interest them. Use their advice to map out a plan that is specific for your life. As you are working towards your goal, continue to pray for guidance. You should never forget where you’ve come from and always be grateful to the individuals that helped you to get where you are.”

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