Alcorn’s Entrepreneur Academy coming to Vicksburg

Alcorn State University continues to strive for excellence.

Alcorn’s Entrepreneur Academy has begun classes at the Vicksburg Expansion Center, located in The Vicksburg Mall. The academy will provide services on Mondays from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. to nearly 40 aspiring entrepreneurs from around the region. Classes began on September 29 and will continue until December 8.

“The classes are a result of the Vicksburg Chamber of Commerce and Alcorn becoming partners with Hinds Community College Small Business Development,” said Ruth Nichols, assistant vice president for economic and community partnerships.

Director of Alcorn’s Vicksburg Expansion Ivan Banks believes the classes will benefit both established and aspiring business people.

“It is gratifying to provide entrepreneurial classes that provide skills people need to start their own businesses or expand businesses they have already started,” said Banks. “If students can gain entrepreneurial skills along with their degrees, they will be able to create pathways to independence and self-sufficiency for themselves and subsequently for their families.”

Vicksburg campus administrative assistant Dexter Howard, who plays an important role in providing publicity for the academy, believes the classes could be a great opportunity for the students to make valuable contacts.

“It provides much needed networking among the participants from various businesses. This interaction will provide a channel of commination which will increase the need for the Vicksburg Expansion Center to offer additional academies,” said Howard.

Technology Assistant Raneisha Smith, who works alongside Dexter in promoting the academy, believes in the academy’s ability to prepare the students for life after graduation.

“It will provide the tools necessary for setting the foundation and provide necessary skills for getting their business off the ground,” said Smith.

Banks feels the academy is increasing the viability of Alcorn and enhancing efforts to provide services and educational opportunities.

“When you consider that Alcorn has a history of providing education that increases access, then it’s easy to see how such an endeavor benefits others and help their dreams become realities. I believe that most people have some great ideas for providing services and products that others would be willing to purchase.”

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