Alcorn President Dr. Alfred Rankins, Jr speaks at Alcorn Day 2014

The Jefferson County Nursing Home dedicated a day to Alcorn State University for its service and influence in their community.

The nursing home in Fayette, Miss. honored the university at the Alcorn Day 2014 program Thursday, Nov. 11 to show their appreciation for the university’s success. Alcorn State University President Dr. Alfred Rankins, Jr spoke about the importance of the students and their role in the school’s progress.

“Our students are why we exist at Alcorn,” said Rankins. “If it weren’t for the students, there would be no Alcorn. Whenever I have the opportunity, I want to always acknowledge our students and thank them for choosing Alcorn.”

Although the program was intended to honor Alcorn, President Rankins showed his appreciation to Jefferson County for their loyal relationship with the university.

“I love being here in the community. Fayette is a part of Alcorn’s campus. This county and town are special to Alcorn for a number of reasons. Some of our employees and students come from this community and we thank them for their service. So it is my duty as President to be engaged with my community.”

In honor of Veterans’ Day, President Rankins acknowledged the former soldiers who were in attendance and thanked them for their hard work.

“I would like to thank the veterans for their service because without the men and women who served our country, we would not be able to enjoy the privileges that we have today.”

Jefferson County Nursing Home Administrator Jay Massey praised Alcorn for always displaying exceptional character and keeping their nursing home in mind.

“Alcorn means so much to this community and surrounding communities. Through my years in administration here, Alcorn State University’s representatives have always been exemplary and have been wonderful stewards to the nursing home. Our residents will talk about this for months.”

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