Alcorn alumna Victoria Brinkley shines bright as one of WJTV News Channel 12’s producers

West Point, Miss. native Victoria Brinkley has always been a talker. In her younger days, her schoolteachers would constantly call her out for socializing with her peers during class lectures.

“I was the kid that stayed in trouble because I was always talking and passing notes in class,” said Brinkley, who earned a degree in mass communications with an emphasis in broadcast journalism in 2010.

Little did her teachers know, that talkative young lady who was eager to pass along and receive information would land a career as a television producer at WJTV News Channel 12.

Her duties include presenting the day’s news in a manner that informs and entertains the audience enough to keep their attention. She is required to keep up with current events and decide how those events would be displayed on television. She, along with her news team, then decides which stories are pressing enough to fit into the 30-minute news show. Brinkley compares producing a news show to carefully piecing together an intricate puzzle.

“Producing a news show is like putting together the pieces of a puzzle and then painting the details on top of the puzzle pieces.”

Before making her way to News Channel 12 in Jackson, Miss., she developed her news anchoring skills while attending Alcorn State University. She was one of the faces of ASU TV 13, a news show put together by Alcorn mass communication students and faculty. Her experience as a news anchor prepared her for a productive future in the field she loves.

“Alcorn taught me how to handle changing circumstances, both in class and out of class. The (mass communications) faculty, staff, and students always worked as if they/we had something to prove. I believe that all of us who worked hard proved ourselves by being successful in a range of career fields in which our lessons are put to the test.”

Brinkley’s career in journalism is perfect for her outgoing personality.

“There’s no better way to express yourself constructively than to deliver information that people need. I’ve always been very passionate about being social and interacting with people, so journalism was the right path for me.”

Journalism is an exciting field that aspiring journalist will actively pursue careers in. Brinkley offers young journalists valuable information that would help them to not only get their foot in the door, but also establish themselves as a staple in the field.

“Make sure you stay sharp and current. Maintain positive relationships at work. Have an outlet outside of work because this can be a stressful job; you will need something else to focus on when you leave work. Always remember that it’s not called breaking news for nothing! Life is full of changes and plot twists, and you must be open to whatever life and work throws at you!”

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