Alcorn Division of Student Affairs-Counseling and Testing Services host suicide prevention program

Suicide prevention was the topic of discussion at Alcorn State University’s latest program.

The Mississippi Coalition of Partners in Prevention (MCPP) chose Alcorn’s campus to host the Suicide Prevention: Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) program Tuesday, Feb. 17 in the Dr. Clinton Bristow, Jr. Dining Facility Gold Room. Suicide prevention training was given to Alcorn faculty, staff and students.

Dyann Moses, who is the director of counseling and testing, felt that the suicide prevention training was perfect for bringing attention to a worldwide issue.

“The purpose of this program was to bring awareness to anyone that may be contemplating suicide and show them that there is hope,” said Moses.

Depression, loneliness, hopelessness, and many other circumstances can lead a person to consider suicide. Moses believes that more people should learn to recognize signs that may lead to suicide so that they could help prevent the person from taking their life.

“People should be aware of the warning signs and let the person know that they are going through a temporary crisis and their situation will get better. They should be reminded that there are people who really care about them and are willing to help them through their crisis. They should also encourage them to talk to a counselor.”

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