Golden Girl tryouts scheduled for Saturday

Aspiring dancers will have the chance to earn a spot on Alcorn State University's celebrated dance squad.

The talented Golden Girls dance troupe will be holding auditions for girls interested in joining the team Saturday, March 21 in the Davey L. Whitney HPER Complex at 6 p.m. The participants are required to pay a $50, non-refundable registration fee in the Fine Arts Building at 8 a.m. The auditions are open to the public.

Golden Girls coach Senobia Rogers was adamant about finding girls who possess the qualities of a great performer.

“We’re looking for girls who have the drive to do what needs to be done,” said Rogers. “We’re hoping to find talented girls who has the skills to become a great dancer.”

Rogers stressed how important it is for the girls to display a strong work ethic.

“Being a golden girl is a good experience, but it is hard work. The girls who are picked should expect to give it their all by going to the gym to stay in shape and practicing their dance routines.”

Innovative choreographic ideas are a must have for the dancers. Rogers pointed out that fresh ideas would take their dance routines to the next level.

“Creativity is important. The girls should bring something different to the table every day. We constantly develop new ideas so that we can avoid performing the same routine over and over again. We work together so that we can put together the best performance for the crowd.”

If the girls make the dance team, they would be expected to perform well in the classroom. Rogers said that although dancing is important, education comes first.

“One thing the girls should remember is that we’re not just a bunch of pretty faces. The girls are expected to do a great job in the classroom as well. Education is very important and the main reason for them being in college.”

For more information, contact Senobia Rogers at [email protected], 601-877-6117 or Dr. Renardo Murray at [email protected], 601-877-6263.

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