Patrick Herbert Jr. looks forward to leading next year’s sophomore class

Alcorn State University freshman Patrick Herbert Jr. is looking forward to assuming the position of leader of next year’s sophomore class.

“I am overjoyed to be the leader of my class next school year,” said Herbert. “I am truly humbled to lead a class full of beautiful and intelligent individuals with goals of becoming successful people.”

The student body elected Woodville, Miss. native Patrick Herbert Jr. as their 2015-2016 sophomore class president. Herbert’s new position as leader of his class will strengthen his ambition as a student.

“I wanted to be the leader of my class and work with the Student Government Association in order to challenge my work ethics for future endeavors throughout the tenure of my college career. I’m looking forward to being an advocate for this illustrious university and serving the student body with dignity and pride.”

Herbert has a bunch of plans that he hopes would steer the class of 2018 in a positive direction.

“The goal that I have as class president is to have better communication within our class so that we can discuss issues and events around campus. I plan to initiate more community service on and off campus, recruit students to Alcorn, and lead my class to the best of my ability.”

Herbert is confident that his spiritual and moral beliefs will guide him in achieving his vision for the upcoming school year.

“I plan to achieve my vision for my class through faith in God, perseverance through any endeavor, and being organized and strategic in all tasks and events.”

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