Alcorn psychology students recognize autism with awareness events

Three psychology students partnered with Dr. LaShawn Thompson of the Department of Education and Psychology and Dr. M. Ravola, Department of Social Sciences, April 20-22 to execute three events that addressed psychological issues at Alcorn State University.

Junior psychology majors Justin Knight, Ari’Anna Magee, and Rayford Mullins began their events with an event called “50 Shades of Blue” addressing Autism. In honor of April being Autism Awareness Month, the students organized a campus picture in which they wore the color blue and formed the letter “A” on the campus grounds. The students also released blue balloons to signify autism awareness. The students plan to send pictures of the event to the Autism Awareness/Speaks organization in support of their efforts to bring about awareness of the disorder.

The students also hosted an alcohol awareness event called, Don’t Blame it on the Alcohol”, where they performed alcohol screenings and encouraged students to sign a pledge to limit alcohol consumption over the summer.

Lastly, the students planned an event titled, “Hands of Hope”, in which student participants were allowed to paint positive messages of hope, inspiration, and encouragement about themselves for all to see.

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