Alcorn alumnus Duvalier Malone delivers sound advice at Jefferson County High School Commencement

Alcorn State University alumnus and Fayette, Miss. native Duvalier Malone represented his alma mater during Jefferson County High School’s 2015 Commencement.

Malone, who was the keynote speaker, delivered a powerful message to more than 50 Jefferson High School graduates Friday, May 22 in Fayette, Miss on the school’s football field. He gave the graduates a lesson in hard work and accomplishing their dreams.

“You have to work hard,” said Malone. “In order to be successful in college, you must study, get involved and find a mentor. A mentor is important. Your mentor must be someone who is where you want to be so that they can help you get there.”

Malone admonished the graduates to discover their calling in life and use it to create a positive change in the world.

“Always remember to find your passion and connect it to creating a better cause.”

Malone spoke to the graduates about delayed gratification and how important it is to be patient in the midst of pursuing an education or career.

“Many of you were born and raised in Jefferson County, and sometimes you may have seen how glamorous the world may seem on television. It’s common to want that quickly, but I want to encourage you all to be patient. As you matriculate through college, you’ll see that the result of being patient will play an important role in your success.”

Malone gave the graduates valuable information on what to do when faced with challenges in life.

“There will be obstacles that will try to hinder you from reaching your goals. I want you guys to remember that failing doesn’t mean that you are a failure. Keep pursuing your dreams and never be afraid of accomplishing your goal.”

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