Alcorn’s Vicksburg Expansion Center will host Open House event

Tips for becoming a public speaker and enhancing leadership qualities will be given at Alcorn State University’s upcoming event in Vicksburg, Miss.

The Braves of Vicksburg Toastmasters Club will be having an Open House event Tuesday, June 16 at 6 p.m. at Alcorn’s Vicksburg Expansion Center. Melissa Faith-Payne from Fox News will be the guest speaker. Public speaking, leadership skills, and more will be discussed.

Raneisha Smith, who is a technology assistant at Alcorn’s Vicksburg Expansion Program, explained why public speaking can be an important skill for any career.

“Public speaking is a crucial skill to master regardless of where or what department you work in,” said Smith. “ You are continuously in contact with others and Toastmsters gives you the necessary tools to think quickly on your feet.”

Smith explained how sharpened public speaking skills could play an important role in enhancing one’s career.

“Learning to perfect your public speaking skills will alleviate the fear of not only speaking to a few people, but an audience of hundreds of people. It gives you skills to organize your speech or presentation in sequential order. You become a better communicator, listener, team leader, and you learn how to conduct meetings.”

For information, contact Alcorn’s Vicksburg Expansion Center at 601-629-3558 or [email protected].

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