Alcorn alumnus Duvalier Malone to speak in Alabama

Fayette, Miss. native and Alcorn State University alumnus Duvalier Malone has added another speaking engagement to his busy agenda.

Malone will be speaking at the Mobile Convention Center Sunday, September 20 at 7 p.m. in Mobile, Ala. He, along with other panelists, will discuss ways for young men to gain and maintain success. Malone’s background in public speaking goes back to his younger days.

“My grandmother would prepare me to speak to the youth department and recite poems in local churches,” said Malone. “After graduating from college and starting my career, I was asked by many churches and companies to return home and speak.”

Malone’s mission is to uplift the youth so that they can feel empowered to chase and achieve their goals. He does that through his company, Duvalier Malone Enterprises. Located in Washington, D.C., the company’s goal is to work with poverty level communities and urban cities to move to the next level in job growth, economic development, education, decreasing poverty and political consulting.

“I was born and raised in a poverty level home. A single mother raised me. Teachers suggested that I should be placed in special education. After rising above those obstacles, I wanted to give back. I remember a time when I had never traveled outside of my small hometown. I won an essay contest that allowed me to travel to Washington, D.C. That trip changed my life because it allowed me to finally see what the world had to offer outside of my hometown. My goal is to help students find their purpose and aid them in achieving success.”

Since gaining success as a public speaker, Malone hasn’t forgotten about his hometown and surrounding areas. He is currently working with the Mississippi RAS Complex by North Star Seafood Group, LLC on a job expansion project that will bring 500 jobs to Fayette. He has participated in speaking engagements at Alcorn and Fayette.

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