Alcorn alumnus Robert Patrick’s poetry book set for an August 1 release

Jackson, Mississippi native Robert J. Patrick realized he could express himself through writing at the young age of 8-years-old. As he grew older, great writers such as Maya Angelou, James Weldon Johnson, Nikki Giovanni, and Langston Hughes, to name a few, not only fueled his inspiration, but contributed to his passion for writing.

“As a child, I searched for creative ways to express myself,” said Patrick, who earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from Alcorn State University in 2008. “My love for writing transformed into a deep passion during my high school years. Writing became the vehicle of expression for me. It helped me express my sadness, joy, and frustrating times in life.”

After years of honing his writing abilities, Patrick’s first book, “Facing Ourselves in Silence, Vol. 1,” will be released for purchase on Amazon’s website Saturday, August 1. The book will include some of Patrick’s most personal and intriguing poems about love, regret, frustration, understanding, forgiveness, and much more.

Patrick has tons of feelings about the upcoming release of his first book. Although he is excited about sharing his innermost thoughts with the world, a part of him is concerned about having his most sentimental feelings analyzed by critics.

“Having a book published can bring out an array of emotions. On one hand, I am excited about the opportunity to express myself in a creative way. As a poet, your honesty makes you vulnerable for others to critique some of your most personal feelings and thoughts. However, I am happy to say my book shows my honest thoughts on life.”

With his book, Patrick hopes to influence readers to pursue their goals while deciphering the codes of life.

“If my book can encourage someone to follow their dreams, then I consider it a success. No one has life figured out. This book reminds the reader that it is okay to seek out your path in life. If my book can influence other writers to get published, then that would be such a refreshing feeling.”

Patrick credits his time at Alcorn for his writing prowess.

“Alcorn is the cornerstone of my writing career. My time there taught me the importance of networking, meeting people with similar interest, and growing as a person and writer. My experiences inside and outside the classroom were instrumental in allowing me to feel confident to step out of my comfort zone. Alcorn taught me to polish my writings.”

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