Valerie Dean and Ivan Gray selected as Miss Freshman, Freshman Class President

The Alcorn State University freshmen class has appointed two students who they feel will do an exceptional job at representing them and the university.

Greenville, Mississippi native Valerie Dean and Atlanta, Georgia native Ivan Gray was selected to be Alcorn’s Miss Freshman and Freshman Class President for the 2015-2016 academic school year. The two are anticipating an amazing start to their college journeys as part of the Student Government Association (SGA).

“It feels amazing to be able to represent the freshmen class,” said Dean. “I’ve been granted the privilege to be one of the voices of the entire class of 2019. It is truly an honor.”

“When I think about representing my class, I feel excited, nervous and anxious,” said Gray. “Most of all, I’m looking forward to my tenure as one of my class’ representatives.”

Dean, a nursing major, and Gray, a biological science major with an emphasis on pre-medicine, had different motivations for running for their positions. For Dean, becoming Miss Freshman became one of her priorities after seeing the success other students from her hometown has had at Alcorn. Gray’s ability to lead prompted him to run for the title.

“I’ve wanted to run for Alcorn’s Miss Freshman since I was in high school,” said Dean. “What inspired me so much was seeing Greenville natives before me come and make such a positive impact on this great institution. I wanted to be just like them.”

“I’m a natural leader, so that is what inspired me to run for the position,” said Gray. “I held many leadership positions in high school. I’ve also held community service positions.”

Both freshmen have intentions of being good role models for their peers by staying true to their morals and performing well in their classes.

“I plan to be a role model for my class by ultimately keeping my creator first,” said Dean. “I plan to be a prime example of what a well-rounded student is by maintaining a good grade point average, strengthening my relationship with my creator and expanding my educational horizons.”

“I plan to be a role model by maintaining exceptional grades and encouraging my classmates to excel when it comes to education,” said Gray. “I also plan to think outside of the box when it comes to creating ideas for the freshmen class.”

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