Duvalier Malone named Pink Tie Guy for supporting breast cancer awareness

Alcorn State University alumnus Duvalier Malone was honored for bringing more attention to breast cancer in Mississippi.

Malone was recognized as a Pink Tie Guy at the Central Mississippi Steel Magnolias Affiliate of Susan G. Komen’s 6th Annual Pink Tie Gala Tuesday, Sept. 29 at the Mississippi Agriculture Museum, Sparkman Auditorium in Jackson, Mississippi. The Pink Tie Guys are an elite group of business and community leaders who advocate for breast cancer awareness. Each year, eight new Pink Tie Guys are added to the exclusive group. The Central Mississippi Steel Magnolias Affiliate of Susan G. Komen, which formed in 1999, has invested over $3 million into breast health and breast cancer awareness projects in their 59-county service to date.

Malone, who lost his oldest brother to cancer and witnessed his mother conquer the disease, feels proud to wear pink while helping to find a cure.

“I understand how cancer affects families and communities,” said Malone. “It is an honor to represent my family, friends and community as a Pink Tie Guy in my home state of Mississippi. It was a humbling experience for me as I was able to hear great survivor stories and help fight against breast cancer in Mississippi.”

Malone intends to keep spreading the word about the disease.

“I plan to continue my work with the Susan G. Komen organization by hosting a couple of town hall breast cancer awareness clinics where the community can gain more insight on the disease.”

The Susan G. Komen organization was stated by her sister, Nancy G. Brinker, when she promised Susan, who was dying of breast cancer, that she would do everything in her power to find a cure for the disease.

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