“It Still Takes a Village” organization provides guidance to Alcorn students

Sophomore Zenetta King of Fayette, Mississippi credits Chantel Marsaw’s kindness and caring spirit for helping her cope with the death of her father.

“She is a very caring lady and she goes the extra mile to help with our daily endeavors in life,” said King, a nursing major. “She made me realize that there are still people in today’s society that care about the community. I love that she truly has her heart into what she’s doing. She’s like a guardian angel and she’s always one call away if we need her help.”

Like King, Marsaw has helped dozens of students who have suffered the death of loved ones with her “It Still Takes A Village” organizations. Currently, 16 of those students are attending Alcorn State University with Marsaw.

Freshman Amytrius Chatman, an English education major who lost his father, appreciates Marsaw’s encouraging words that have helped him strive for the best.

“She’s motivated and helped me to be more outgoing,” said Chatman, a Natchez, Mississippi native. “When we first met, I was shy. Since I’ve been talking to her, I’ve come out of my shell. She’s been one of the main people who motivated me to stay in school and follow my dreams. I really just want to thank her for making me feel valued.”

Marquis Jackson, a Natchez, Mississippi native majoring in computer engineering, thanks Marsaw for making life easier for him after his father passed away.

“She helped pull me out of depression,” said Jackson. “She constantly tells us to never give up. To have someone care about you like a mother is truly heart warming. I thank her for her unrivaled support.”

Chantel Marsaw expressed her pride in her students’ pursuit of a college education.

“It feels great to know that my program has encouraged so many students to go to college and strive to make their dreams a reality,” said Marsaw. “I’m so proud to say that my students never gave up. Many of them are the first in their families to attend college. I pray they all continue to strive for the very best in life.”

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