Student teachers visit the Mississippi School for the Blind

Students from Alcorn State University’s Department of Education and Psychology shadowed teachers on their latest field trip.

The student teachers in the practicum teaching and technology class recently visited the Mississippi School for the Blind in Jackson, Mississippi. Dr. LaShundia Carson, director of student teaching and field experiences and class professor, accompanied the students as they observed teachers in a classroom setting. They were also given a tour of the school.

Senior Kayla Kemp enjoyed interacting with the students. She was also inspired by the teachers’ dedication to educating the students.

“Going to the School for the Blind was fun and educational,” said Kemp. “It was beautiful to see all the caring teachers that took time to dedicate their lives to educating their students. The students I met took pride in their school. They wanted us to know that despite their disabilities, they were still meeting the same expectations as regular students. I can’t wait to visit the school again.”

Senior Joycelyn Minor admired the technological advances that were in place to help the students advance. She also learned some good teaching habits that she plans to use in her career.

“The students are taught how to use various types of technology because it aids them in being able to do just about any task that non-visually impaired students can do,” said Minor. “I plan to take this strategy and implement it into my classroom to ensure that all of my students are technologically literate. In addition, I admired how the teachers did not treat the students like they were less capable or less intelligent because of their visual impairment. I learned that a teacher’s attitude about their students can either help build or destroy a student’s success.”

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