E’niya Rowry and Ashley Shields selected to attend Adler University’s Diversity Scholars Program

Two of Alcorn State University’s psychology students were granted the opportunity to become more knowledgeable of their field.

E’niya Rowry and Ashley Shields recently participated in Adler University’s Diversity Scholars Program in Chicago, Illinois. The Program is an enrichment program for promising undergraduate students from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups. It is designed to expose, educate, and prepare participants for graduate work in psychology.

While at the program, Rowry was enlightened by the different areas of psychological opportunities that are available. She is more confident than ever in finding work in her field.

“The one thing that this program made me realize is that you can apply psychology to anything,” said Rowry. “We, as psychology majors, have options. No matter if you want to work in the classroom, with military families, or in a major corporation, there is a place where you are needed. I feel fully prepared to go into a doctorate program knowing there is an area where I can focus my experience and knowledge.”

Shields was inspired by the different students of color at the program. She said it felt good to be around students with the same goal as her.

“I felt honored to be selected to be a part of the program,” said Shields. “I enjoyed being amongst a group of intelligent and versatile people. I felt that if these different minorities from all over the world can be successful, then so can I. I would definitely encourage future students to apply for the Diversity Scholar’s Program.”

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