Cameron Jenkins provides a blueprint for college students with new book

Alcorn State University alumnus Cameron Jenkins is revealing the keys to successfully navigating through college.

The 2012 Alcorn graduate’s new book, “College: Don’t Waste Your Money,” arrived on bookshelves Sunday, Nov. 1. Jenkins gives a how-to guide to college students who plan to graduate in four years with a 4.0 grade point average while avoiding debt and balancing work and leisure.

“The theme of the book is unpacking a formula for academic success and maximizing the college experience,” said Jenkins. “I think the ultimate quest is to find balance in college. Setting boundaries to ensure that an assignment is completed is no more important than enjoying friends and embracing the subtle nuances of the college experience. Too often we see burnout in early stages of the college process. These woes are relieved through a healthy balance of work and rejuvenation. From cover to cover, there is a clear message of hope given to students.”

Current and upcoming college students, along with the parents of these students, provided Jenkins with the inspiration to present this guide to the masses.

“The next and current generations of college students were at the heart of this project. Particularly, the students that are unsure of their academic potential. Additionally, I was inspired by parents that were looking for a good resource to guide them through the college conversation with their child.”

Jenkins explains the dangers of staying in college over four years.

“The reality of staying in college for an extended period of time is costly to the extent of thousands of dollars each year. Keeping your undergraduate work within a 4-year time frame will create success and minimal debt.”

Jenkins is excited about the release of his book.

“The feeling of holding a completed work in your hands is always overwhelming. Surprisingly, my first day of writing was in June of this year. Five months later, the final copy is available for purchase. The entire process was a stroke of balance and time management.”

Jenkins’ book is available on The Kindle version of the book will be released later this month.

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