Breast cancer survivor thanks Psychology Society for their donation

Bernice Mullen, a four-year breast cancer survivor, shows her appreciation for the Psychology Society organization at Alcorn State University for remembering her battle with the disease.

The organization presented Mullen, a Durant, Mississippi native and certified nursing assistant, with their “GO PINK for the CURE!” artwork in recognition of her victory over the disease. She was brought to tears upon receiving the artwork because she realized how much others cared for her.

“It’s good to know that someone recognized my struggle,” said Mullen. “I’ve hung the canvas in my house to remind me of the love and support that I’ve received from others.”

Mullen was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011; it was a life changing experience for her and her family. She stated that cancer brought her closer to a higher power and to her family. Mullen also replied by saying it was not life threatening for her, but in fact a new experience and a test.

“To those who may be battling with breast cancer, do not give up,” Mullen stated. “Never let your diagnosis overcome you. You should speak life, deal with it and go on, knowing that you will be healed.”

Rayford S. Mullins, president of the Psychology Society and Mullen’s nephew, spoke on how serving his aunt and others is part of the organization’s mission.

“Psychology Society is really impacting lives, touching heart, and uplifting the minds in our society,” said Rayford. “Our motto, ‘Reaching the minds of our society, one BRAVE step at a time,’ is one that we’re truly living up to.”

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