Alcorn Extension Program hosts agricultural tour

Students of the Wingfield High School Agriculture Academy in Jackson, Mississippi participated in a 3-day tour that included visiting agricultural and cultural sites in both Mississippi and Tennessee. The tour, hosted by the Alcorn State University Extension Program's Small Farm Outreach and Technical Assistance Project, was held Feb. 18-20.

“The purpose of the tour was to introduce, educate and inform the students about the importance of farm management and the risk in farming, so they will be successful in farm planning as future agriculture specialists,” stated Carolyn L. Banks, director, Small Farm Outreach and Technical Assistance Project. “On the tour, students had the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and see some major attractions and highlights.”

While in Lorman, the students visited several Alcorn facilities including the Center for Biotechnology, Model Farm, Center for Conservation Research and the Experiment Station. Other Mississippi sites included both the Alcorn Research Technology and Transfer Centers in Mound Bayou and the Vegetable Processing Facility in Marks. They also visited Greenville’s Jewish Temple and the Greenville History and Flood Museums.

In Memphis, Tennessee, the students toured the Pink Palace and National Civil Rights Museums.

“From the tours, I gained knowledge and a further appreciation for agriculture, Alcorn and the School of Agriculture, Research, Extension, and Applied Sciences. Alcorn’s faculty and staff made me feel right at home,” expressed Monterius Butler, a sophomore at Wingfield High School.

Marneisha Moore, also a sophomore, added, “I can see myself coming to Alcorn. The school has many opportunities for its student that could pay off in the future.”

For more information about this event and future agricultural high school tours, contact Carolyn L. Banks at [email protected] or (601) 877-6260.

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