Terry McBeth and Ebony Thomas look forward to their roles as Junior Class President, Miss Junior

Alcorn State University’s 2016-2017 will head into next year under the leadership of their newly elected Junior Class President, Terry McBeth, and Miss Junior, Ebony Thomas.

Terry and Ebony are eager to be the faces of their class next year. Both students are great fits for their upcoming roles because they both have had the urge to lead.

“It feels good to represent my class as their president next year,” said Terry, a social science education major from Chicago, Illinois. “I’ve always been interested in helping my class. Being the junior class president is a great way of giving me that opportunity.”

“I’m excited to have the opportunity to lead my class in a great direction,” said Ebony, a business administration major from Gulfport, Mississippi. “I’ve always wanted to be in a leadership role through my class, whether it had been a class queen or any other position.”

The students credit their paths at Alcorn for molding them into great leaders. For Terry, being able to handle the challenges of his classes gives him confidence in his ability to carry on his new task. Ebony said that being on campus and growing as a person has shaped her into a good leader.

“The classes I’ve taken during my time here has challenged me to the best of my abilities. I feel that because I have been able to meet those challenges, I will be able to successfully lead the 2016-2017 junior class.”

“I have grown at Alcorn. In the midst of my growth, I’ve found out who I am. I feel that the environment here has helped me to successfully lead my class or an organization.”

Terry plans to concentrate on helping his class thrive academically, socially and spiritually. Ebony plans to start initiatives that will make her classmates ready for their futures.

“My initiatives will focus on academic, social and spiritual growth. Because I am a minister, one of my main goals is to expand spiritual growth on campus. I want to start programs that would encourage academic growth. I also want to have more social events that would bring our class together.”

“I want to promote initiatives that would help us to prepare for becoming seniors, graduating and succeeding in the real world.”

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