Student cadets upgraded to Second Lieutenants at ROTC Commissioning Ceremony

Eight students from Alcorn State University were honored for their commitment to education and.

The cadets were appointed in the United States Army in the grade of Second Lieutenant during the Military Science Department’s ROTC Commissioning Ceremony Friday, May 6 at the Oakland Memorial Chapel. The eight cadets who were honored are: Given Brekenridge; Xavier Craft; China Davis; Victoria Davis; Adam Jadusingh; Vernell McDonald; Matthew Phan; and Morgandy Huges. Retired U.S. Army Maj. Gen., Bryon S. Bagby, was the guest speaker for the event.

Bagby said that the cadets should remember Alcorn’s slogan, “Where Knowledge and Character Matter,” as they progress in their careers and lives.

“To our candidates, those key words, knowledge and character, are important as you transition to the real world and the army,” said Bagby.

Bagby stressed the importance of having a positive mindset. He told the cadets that their mental states would determine how they handle life.

“If you were to ask 50 officers for advice, they would give you 50 different answers. But ultimately, the most important thing is to maintain a positive attitude. You’re going to have obstacles, but its how you deal with those obstacles is what’s going to be important. That’s what will differentiate who will acquire excellence.”

Bagby concluded his speech by showing his pride in the cadets’ commitment to the United States of America.

“You candidates are about to join Americas most respected institution. I’m proud of you for what you have done up to this point and I know that you will make you marks on this country.”

Xavier Craft, a Heidelberg, Mississippi native who will earn a degree in criminal justice at Saturday’s Commencement Exercises, looks forward to a promising future in the army.

“It’s very exciting to be commissioned. I’ve worked hard for this moment. I’m really looking forward to leading troops,” said Xavier.

Victoria Davis, a Clarksdale, Mississippi native receiving a bachelor’s degree in biology, feels relieved to have reached such a prestigious milestone.

“It’s been a long time coming,” said Victoria. “The road to this point has been filled with ups and downs, but I am so thankful to have made it this far.”

Master Sgt. Lawrence Coleman, who also serves as senior military instructor with the Alcorn State University Army ROTC, applauded the cadets for making it to the finish line.

“The eight cadets that were commissioned have risen above the standards and will be a great asset to the United States Army as the newest officers to serve our great nation,” said Coleman.

Alcorn President Dr. Alfred Rankins Jr. thanked the cadets for their willingness to serve this country.

“These are eight phenomenal individuals,” said Rankins. “Thank you for your sacrifice and dedication to sticking to your academics and military duties. You will be our future leaders who will defend our freedom. We owe you our gratitude for your service.”

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