Alexander McQuarters Jr. lands internship with Fidelity Investments

Alexander McQuarters Jr. is taking advantage of his opportunity to explore the technological world.

Alexander, a senior, computer networking and information technology major, accepted a summer internship in mainframe development at Fidelity Investments in Durham, North Carolina. His internship began Tuesday, May 31 and will continue through Friday, Aug. 19. Some of his duties include developing technological advances that will be useful in society.

Alexander is grateful for the chance to apply the knowledge he’s gained at Alcorn in an actual job setting.

“It feels great because I feel that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me,” said Alexander. “There aren’t a lot of students in my major that have been fortunate to get this internship, so I am very thankful for this opportunity.”

One thing that stands out for Alexander is the bond he has formed with his co-workers. He said that each team member strives to not only be better by themselves, but to also help each other be better as well.

“The team that I’m working with is very laid back. We’re like a family because everyone is nice to each other. We make sure to help each other so that we can succeed together. We get excellent guidance from those more experienced than us.”

Without his mentors in the Department of Advanced Technologies, Alexander said that he would not have made it this far. He credits them for his progress.

“My mentors at Alcorn have done a tremendous job at preparing me for my internship. Mr. John Thompson, Dr. Kwabena Agyepong and Mr. Michael Atkins have played a huge role in helping me get to this point.”

Alexander hopes to solidify a position in Fidelity’s Leap Program, which is geared toward college graduates and designed to accelerate the development of recent engineering graduates to industrial technology professionals.

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