Erykuah McNeal thrives on her internship

Alcorn State University junior Erykuah McNeal is broadening her horizons with her summer internship.

Erykuah accepted an internship in mainframe development at Fidelity Investments in Durham, North Carolina. During the 12-week internship, she will experience hands-on work in the industrial technology field.

Erykuah loves being able to apply the skills she’s learned at Alcorn to her job at Fidelity.

“This is a great experience,” said Erykuah. “It feels great to get more insight into the field. I’m getting the chance to apply the knowledge I’ve gained in my computer science classes at Alcorn to my work on my internship.”

Erykuah feels that her experience will shape her and the other interns into people who are ready to pursue careers in the field.

“It’s empowering because it makes us more competent employees. By working on the job site, it prepares us for careers in this field once we graduate. It helps the process of adjusting to the working environment much easier.”

Other than the opportunity she’s been given, Erykuah also enjoys her new surroundings.

“I like the environment because everyone treats each other like family. That’s a plus for me because I’m used to being in a family oriented environment at Alcorn. Not only have I enjoyed the work environment, I’ve also enjoyed adjusting to my new surroundings in North Carolina.”

Erykuah said that had it not been for the preparation she’s received from her professors in the Department of Advanced Technologies, she wouldn’t be able to participate in the internship.

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