Markesses Wilson works toward a career in media

Alcorn State University junior Markesses Wilson is a talker. He’s also a skilled writer who majors in mass communications. Back in 2013, Markesses decided to take the two things that he does best and work toward turning them into a career in journalism.

Markesses is taking the necessary steps toward becoming a force as a media person with his internship with JSUTV at Jackson State University. The internship is shaping him into a well-rounded journalist by introducing filming, editing news packages and photography to his repertoire.

Choosing JSUTV for his internship is part of his strategy to grow as a journalist. He said that after earning his undergraduate degree from Alcorn, he plans to attend Jackson State’s School of Journalism to pursue a master’s degree.

“I hope to come back to Jackson State as a graduate student to further enhance my skills as a reporter,” said Markesses. “The people at Jackson State are really nice and filled with valuable knowledge. It’s a good school and a good place to work.”

Markesses’ main goal is to become a radio personality. In fact, he began his path in radio with his Alcorn show, “Keeping it Original,” where he speaks on hot topics on today’s society.

“I really enjoy being on the radio. It is one of my priorities to become a star in radio in the future.”

Markesses said that he looks up to Stephan A. Smith of ESPN because of his ability to speak and courage to speak the truth.

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