Iesha Jackson offered supervisor position at Tyson Foods

Throughout her life, Iesha Jackson’s parents has encouraged her to put forth her best effort in whatever she strives to accomplish. Because of their motivation, the Alcorn State University senior and Fayette, Mississippi native is reaping the benefits of applying their advice to her endeavors.

While working as an intern at Tyson Foods in Vienna, Georgia this summer, Iesha’s drive to succeed impressed her managers so much that they offered her a permanent supervisor position upon her graduation in May 2017. Iesha was overjoyed once she received the news.

“I was overly ecstatic,” said Iesha, a general agriculture major. “I immediately started thanking my Savior because if it wasn’t for Him, I would not have made it this far. My parents have always taught me that hard work pays off. I’m proud to know that my dedication and work ethic didn’t go unnoticed.”

Over the course of her summer internship, Iesha and other interns were assigned a Tyson Foods supervisor to shadow so that they could get a closer look at what goes on at the company. She said that they gained hands-on experiences in handling situations on the job. Now that she seen what the job requires, she is ready to make her mark at the company.

“I’m looking forward to making an impact on my future employees, the company and anybody that I encounter. I got a taste of how it is in the real world. This has definitely prepared me for my future.”

Iesha is thankful for the wonderful opportunity she received. Her most memorable part of the internship was touring the chicken house and learning the process that goes into maintaining it.

“My experience was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I learned so much from how to deal with people to how chickens are prepared for consumption. My favorite part was visiting the chicken houses. When I first walked in, I was astonished by the maintenance that was involved in the process of raising chickens.”

Another thing that made the internship special for Iesha were the people. She relished in talking to seasoned employees and learning as much as she could from them.

“I enjoyed interacting with my team members. I enjoyed listening to their stories and I believe they enjoyed us as well. Many of them worked alone in their departments, so they appreciated us being there to help them and keep them company.”

Iesha offers great advice to her classmates who hope to turn their internships into full-time jobs.

“I would tell my classmates to have faith in a higher power because you can’t do it alone. Be sure to make a good first impression. Show your supervisors how excited you are to learn and show plenty of initiative. Never be afraid to go the extra mile. Be persistent and it will all pay off.”

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