Jerry James II uses law internship to prepare for future in business

With his summer internship at M. Wayne Thompson, PLLC in Laurel, Mississippi, Alcorn State University junior, Jerry James II is learning how to apply his new legal knowledge in the field of business.

On his internship, Jerry spends his days learning the ins and outs of the courtroom and legal system. Although he is being trained to be a lawyer, he plans to take what he has learned and apply it to his dream of becoming a businessman in the future. He said that learning the legal aspects of ownership is key to his success.

“I’m using this internship to add to my skill set so that I can have plenty of job options in the future,” said Jerry. “The experience that I’ve had this summer has allowed me to see what legal steps I would have to take when trying to open a business.”

Although he’s had to take on a heavy workload, Jerry understands the importance of completing his daily tasks. He’s taken advantage of prepping himself to be a hard worker while enjoying his experience.

“I’ve really enjoyed my time on the internship. It’s a lot of tedious work, but I appreciate it because it teaches me to work harder and focus on getting the job done. My co-workers and manager has also played a role in making my internship a pleasant experience.”

Jerry is proud to leave his internship knowing that he’s contributed to the well being of others.

“I’ve enjoyed doing something that would allow me to be of service to those in need. In this field of work, I’m always helping someone. So to do something that is very productive means a lot to me.”

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