Amber Frye receives 2016 Car Tag Stipend Scholarship

Before enrolling in Alcorn State University’s School of Nursing, Amber Frye, a freshman from Natchez, Mississippi, researched as many scholarship opportunities as she could to help pay for her education. Her research landed her the perfect opportunity that would help her along her college journey.

Amber is the 2016 Car Tag Stipend Scholarship recipient. The scholarship is a $6,000 stipend that is provided by the Mississippi Nurses Foundation. The Foundation awards scholarships, stipends and grants to nursing students and registered nurses throughout the state of Mississippi who are pursuing degrees in nursing.

Amber, who is pursuing an associate nursing degree, is grateful for the opportunity to use her newly acquired funds to support her education.

“I’m very honored to be this year’s recipient,” said Amber, who is the only recipient from Alcorn. “I was very happy and shocked that I received this award. This a wonderful opportunity that I am thankful for.”

Because of her willingness to lend a helping hand, Amber has always felt that working in the medical field was her calling. She looks forward to learning more about what it takes to be a nurse.

“I’ve always wanted to work in the medical field because I enjoy helping people. For that reason, I believe that being a nurse is the best career path for me.”

Attending a nursing school close to home is perfect for Amber. She feels confident that her path at Alcorn’s School of Nursing will prepare her for a bright future.

“This is a good school. I love being at home, so I’m glad that I was accepted to Alcorn’s nursing program. I’m excited about moving forward in the nursing program.”

Amber said that her future plans include pursuing her bachelor’s degree in nursing.

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