Dr. Elena Kostyleva becomes a biology professor

Dr. Elena Kostyleva has always dreamed of becoming a professor at Alcorn State University. After patiently waiting for her moment, the opportunity to spread knowledge to students finally presented itself.

The Department of Biology hired Kostyleva as their newest faculty member in July. She will teach undergraduate biology courses and labs such as general biology, botany and zoology.

Teaching students is a test that Kostyleva is eager to tackle. She looks forward to the rewards that come with enhancing the knowledge and awareness of students.

“I feel that teaching is both exciting and challenging,” said Kostyleva, who is the former staff writer in the Department of Agriculture, Research, Extension and Applied Sciences. “It requires hours of preparation, self-education and, of course, patience. It also gives you daily communication with students, which is a rewarding experience. Teachers get to help students choose their path in life and show them the value of education. I look forward to seeing their progress.”

In order to be a successful biology professor, Kostyleva knows that having a clear understanding of her subject is a sure way to earn credibility among her students.

“I like that this profession requires continuous education. You have to stay on top of things to be respected by your students. I want my students to love and to be interested in biology as it is the science that lets you learn about the world that surrounds you.”

Kostyleva said that her inspiration to be a teacher comes from her parents, who are college professors in Russia.

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