Savanna Sanchez feels comfortable being the only female firefighter at Natchez Fire Department

Alcorn State University sophomore, Savanna Sanchez, is proving that being a firefighter isn’t only for men.

The Woodville, Mississippi native is the first female fire fighter to join the Natchez Fire Department in about 15 years. Savanna is the Department’s only female firefighter.

Fighting fires has always been on Savanna’s list of career plans. She looks forward to using her abilities to help keep the citizens of Natchez safe from fires.

“It has always been something that I was interested in,” said Savanna, an agriculture economics major. “Other than joining the military, being a fire fighter has always been one of my career options. I like the idea of serving my community and helping others.”

Aaron Wesley, fire chief for the Natchez Fire Department, was astounded by Savanna’s work ethic. Once he saw what she had to offer, he knew that he had to add her to his staff.

“Her physical abilities, dedication and persistence is what stood out about her,” said Wesley. “She was very determined to complete everything that was required to become a part of our team. She definitely has the ability to be a firefighter.”

Wesley said that Savanna’s work ethic has earned her high praise around the office.

“Everyone has received her really well because she is a hard worker and she’s willing to learn more about being a fire fighter. She’s hungry, and she loves what she’s doing. Whenever she is asked to do something, she is always ready to do what it takes to get the job done.”

Savanna understands that entering a predominantly male career can be intimidating to women, but she encourages those with dreams of being a firefighter to pursue their passion, no matter what.

“Do not think that just because you are a female in a male dominated profession that you can’t succeed. Anything is possible, and nothing can be achieved if you don’t try. Work hard, both on and off the job and be a team player. It’s all about the team, not the individual.”

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