Alcorn’s School of Business holds Discussion Forum Series

A group of faculty, students and staff were part of the Discussion Forum Series hosted by the Master of Business Administration Program from Alcorn State University’s School of Business Wednesday, Oct. 26. The topic of the discussion held at the Natchez campus was “BREXIT,” which means for the United Kingdom (UK) and Global business.

A combination of the words Britain and exit, “BREXIT” refers to the planned withdrawal of the UK from the European Union (EU). A referendum held in the UK in June 2016 confirmed this move with the UK public voting 51.9% in favor of leaving the EU. Prior to the referendum, the UK treasury had estimated that remaining in the EU has a strong positive effect on trade and as a result, the UK's overall trade would be worse off if it decided to leave the EU. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) forecasts reduced world economic growth by 0.1% following the referendum, and greater reductions in UK’s economic growth.

The discussion forum was led by Eugenia Out, a second-year international student from the European Union. The group focused on topics related to BREXIT and what it means for the UK and global economy.

“The MBA Program at Alcorn State University is particularly gifted for having a diverse student population and faculty that come from various parts of the world,” said Dr. Akash Dania, director of the Graduate Business Program. “ We are living in a globally interconnected economy, an ever-shrinking world. Students and faculty with a variety of international experiences allow different viewpoints, which transpire in a rich discussion of current and pertinent international business topics such as BREXIT.”

For details on 2016 Fall Discussion Form Series and to participate in the next discussion forum, please contact the MBA Program at (601) 304-4309 or [email protected].

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