Domonique Varnado, Jacobi Holt chosen as Miss Sophomore, Sophomore Class President

Vicksburg, Mississippi native Domonique Varnado, and Jackson, Mississippi native Jacobi Holt were selected to lead Alcorn State University’s class of 2020.

Domonique and Jacobi were voted miss sophomore and sophomore class president for the 2017-2018 academic year Tuesday, April 4. The two plan to make their sophomore year at Alcorn one to remember. They both are eager to guide the sophomore class to a higher height at Alcorn and the surrounding communities.

“My plans to bring the sophomore class together are to bring more activities and functions that promote class unity,” said Domonique.

“I plan to have multiple events, which not only gives the sophomore class a chance to come together, but everyone at Alcorn State University,” said Jacobi.

Campus, class and community unity are the main goals for the newly elected leaders.

“My main goals as Miss Sophomore are to promote class unity and encourage more community service,” said Domonique.

“My main goals are to increase campus involvement, community service opportunities, and the main concerns of the students at Alcorn,” said Jacobi.

Varnado and Holt have various ideas to develop the sophomore class. Domonique stated, “I will try to make our sophomore year better by creating experiences that will leave a lasting impact on the people in the sophomore class.” Jacobi replied, “I plan to bring new ideas that will impact Alcorn in a positive manner.”

Both leaders are grateful for the position in which the Alcorn student body has elected the two for.

“To have this position feels almost unreal. Never would I have thought I would be in a position of this stature, but you can't stop what God wants for you and has for you. I am grateful to be able to hold this position, and I plan to work diligently to serve my class and the University to the best of my abilities,” said Domoniqe.

“It feels great to have the chance to be the voice of the students and have the opportunity to bring about change,” said Jacobi.

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