Leach Offers Advice at Career and Counsel Session

Janie Leach, supervisor, Family and Consumer Sciences Programs, Mississippi Department of Education, was the guest speaker at the Career and Counsel Session hosted by the Department of Human Sciences, April 18.

The purpose of the session was to share with students — enrolled in the Child Development and Didactic Programs — information about career pathways, available resources, and preparing for graduate degree programs.

Leach presented to students various careers options, alternate routes, and certifications available through the Department of Education. In addition, Ouida Pittman, instructor, Child Development and Cinda Catchings, instructor and director of the Didactic Program, offered college advice, and shared information about how they advanced in their professional careers.

Dr. Wandra Arrington, assistant director, Office of Pre-Professional and Honors Curriculum

Programs, addressed testing procedures, available resources, and preparing for standardized testing.

Arrington, also, shared the importance of building a professional profile.

The session was very-well received by students.

Charmae Damper, expressed how she recently secured a job through the Urban Teachers organization.

I’maan Bracey, also, expressed her gratitude to the department for opportunities like today’s event and, also, for allowing her to participate in the annual Mississippi Association of Family and Consumer Sciences meeting held, February 17.

“These opportunities help me to learn about the importance of being affiliated to the professional body, as I eagerly plan to attend the annual Conference of American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences in Dallas this June,” Bracey added.

Damper and Bracy will graduate from Alcorn State University on May 6 with Bachelor of Science degrees in Child Development.

“This session helped clarify many questions I had about future prospects,” said senior, Child Development major, Shela Fells.

Ashley Williams, freshman, child development major said, “This session has given me the resources I need to plan my career.”

Following the session, students met with speakers and collected resources.

In closing, Dr. Martha Ravola, associate professor and assistant vice president of academic support,

talked about the services offered, such as, tutoring and advisement, and the desire for future sessions.

“The feedback from students is encouraging and demonstrates the need for future events,” said Ravola.

Priscilla Houston, research aide, Parents and Children Engaged to Prevent Childhood Obesity project, served as the program guide. Dr. Carrie Ford, assistant professor and department chair, welcomed the participants. According to Ford, the event was the department’s first session.

“It is encouraging to see the number of students that attended the session,” said Ford.

For more information, contact Dr. Martha Ravola, at [email protected] or 601-877-4717 or 6140.

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