Counseling Services presents 2017 Safe Summer Campaign and National Alcohol Screening Day

On Thursday, April 20, the Alcorn State University Counseling Services Center, a division of the Student Affairs, successfully kicked off their 2017 Safe Summer Campaign with the presentation of National Alcohol Screening Day on the campus plaza. The 2017 Safe Summer Campaign is a primary prevention effort that is designed to educate and elevate awareness of the importance of embracing healthy versus risky, or potentially unhealthy behaviors that may lead to negative outcomes.

Alcohol abuse can often occur with other mental health issues and can exacerbate the symptoms of illnesses such as depression and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Alcohol is often used to "medicate" these disorders but, being a depressant itself, it can make the problem worse.

“Students may feel that drinking is a normal and acceptable way to fight stress, especially during their college years,” said Dr. Barbara Warner Martin, Counseling Services director and clinical psychologist.Alcohol can make mood disorder symptoms worse. Self-assessments can help individuals take a step toward healthier living.”

National Alcohol Screening Day (NASD), is an educational program provided through the national nonprofit, Screening for Mental Health. The initiative raises awareness about alcohol use disorders and helps participants with alcohol problems find opportunities for assessment and treatment. National Alcohol Screening Day served as a means of reaching out to the Alcorn students, faculty and staff in order to enhance overall knowledge regarding alcohol usage in general, and its potential impact on academic, physical, psychological and social well-being. Free and anonymous screenings, with on-site feedback provided by licensed mental health professionals from Counseling Services were offered. In addition to the screenings, information regarding campus and community resources and referrals were made available to program participants.

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