Senior honor students recognized at the Honors Student Organization’s Senior Appreciation Program

Graduating seniors who are members of the Honors Students Organization were honored for their diligent service and academic scholarship Monday, April 24 in the Dr. Clinton Bristow Jr. Dining Facility Gold Room.

Myquis Levels Morgan, senior business administration major, complimented her peers for reaching the finish line. She encouraged them to be productive in their futures.

"I'm looking forward to seeing your future journey," said Myquis. “I’m so happy for all of you. You all used your capabilities to get to this point, and I have faith that all of you will go further and become even better at what you do.”

Rayford Mullins, a senior psychology major, motivated the students to remain committed to chasing their dreams and standing out among the rest.

"We all came here for a reason," said Rayford. "Whatever motivated you to come here, make sure to keep that motivation in your future endeavors. Be different and stand out because we’re all different and we all have a purpose.”

Dana Stevenson-Saah, a senior special education major, gave the students three keys to being successful in school and after graduation.

"Remember your purpose, value your college experience and plan ahead of time,” said Dana. “Stay focused on your goals and make sure to keep your priorities first. Don’t let anything distract you from pursuing a college degree. Take some time to enjoy yourself. It’s important to take a break and enjoy life. Always have a plan B and be proactive in all situations."

Dr. Wandra Arrington, advisor and assistant director of the Honors Curriculum Program, showed her appreciation for the students and their accomplishments.

"Thank all of you for your support," said Arrington. "Keep up the good work. You're going to go through challenges, but I want you to remain diligent in chasing your goals. Be diverse and stay focused. You are appreciated."

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