Bianca McCall works tirelessly to earn MBA in a year

In order to turn a dream into a reality, one must put forth the effort required to reach the dream that’s being pursued. Alcorn State University graduate student, Bianca McCall, enrolled in the University’s School of Business with a mission to not only finish the program, but to also finish way ahead of time.

Bianca, an assistant manager at Republic Finance in Natchez, Mississippi, will earn a Master of Business Administration degree from the University one year after earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

“If you really want something in life, you will find a way to achieve it,” said Bianca, a Miami, Florida native. “I took the time to look over the curriculum and planned how long I wanted to remain in school. I doubled my classes and started a semester early.”

After getting a fast start to her business management career, Bianca immediately felt the rigors of working full-time while trying to finish graduate school in a year. She didn’t let the pressure get to her. Instead, she prioritized what was important so that she could finish her task.

“I was offered my current job immediately after I earned a bachelor’s degree, so I was able to get a quick start to my career. I had to juggle school and working throughout the weekend. I used my off weekends to catch up on assignments and complete major tests. At one point, I felt like I had too much on my plate, but I found ways to stay positive and remain consistent. Now, I can finally say that I will earn an MBA, which is truly a blessing.”

The desire to be an ideal role model for her younger siblings is what drives Bianca to stay at the top of her game. With her hard work, she wants to motivate them to chase their dreams in the future.

“I was inspired to be successful because I want to be the perfect example for my younger siblings who are currently in high school in Florida. I want to show them that getting an education is important. I also want to show them how to go after their goals in a timely manner.”

Bianca is on the path to success. Her goals are to move up the ranks at Republic Finance. After solidifying her legacy at her current job, she plans to apply to cosmetology school, become a certified cosmetologist and open a unisex hair salon.

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