Dillon West starts production company

Alcorn State University alumnus Dillon West is passionate about showcasing his creativity, so much so that he’s using his abilities to power his budding production business.

West, who earned a bachelor’s degree in mass communication earlier this May, is the owner of Dillon West Productions, which focuses on taking professional photography and videography. He also works as a DJ for multiple events in his hometown, Natchez, Mississippi.

The young entrepreneur has gained a respectable following with gigs such as being one of the Sounds of Dyn-O-Mite Marching Band’s videographers and covering various student events on campus. As a DJ, he’s done a number of events at Magnolia Bluffs Casino and was an on-air DJ for WMIS/WTYJ 97.7 in Natchez. He’s also garnered professional clients such as Hip-Hop artist, Webbie and Detroit Lions safety, Don Carey.

One of West’s main goals is to continue to grow and perfect his craft so that he can deliver high quality products.

“I chose to focus on these three areas because they are what most people know me for,” said West. “I am looking forward to perfecting all three of these areas and adding more services along the way.”

Back in February when Roland Martin, journalist and commentator for TV One, visited Alcorn to address the student body on social activism, West got the opportunity to get some words of encouragement from the seasoned reporter. He said that advice motivated him to go the extra mile in starting his business and making it successful.

“I had an interesting conversation with Mr. Martin when he came to Alcorn. He encouraged me to figure out how I would use my talents. He gave me the extra motivation I needed, and it inspired me to take myself and my production company serious.”

West appreciates everyone who believed in his vision enough to provide him with their support.

“It feels great to have the resources to start my business at such a young age. I must acknowledge that I have had a lot of help along the way. I’ve gotten lots of financial support from my family and mentors that were helpful in booking me for events.”

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