Adrian and Cartrell Hammitte build their legacy through educating others

When it comes to advancing the minds of young people, the Hammitte cousins, Adrian and Cartrell, have gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that young people get a quality education.

The two, who earned both bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Alcorn State University in 2008 and 2010, are the owners of Premier Minds Educational Group, which provides school districts, schools and parents with consultations and evaluations in the areas of career and psychometric services.

Through their organization, the pair has hosted numerous workshops, seminars and trainings for students throughout Southwest Mississippi. Their mission is to promote excellence to the current generation of students.

“It is our desire to continue motivating and inspiring the next generation of leaders,” said Adrian. “We plan to continue working in our communities to make a difference.”

“Our goal is to become trailblazers who employ innovative ideas, best practices and dynamic leadership skills,” said Cartrell. “We are purpose driven, goal oriented men who continually aim to create a culture of trust and excellence.”

As youngsters growing up in Fayette, Mississippi, the first cousins were inspired by their family to be selfless in their actions. One particular family member that they both credit for their success is their uncle, the Rev. Dr. J. L. Hammitte Jr.

“Our family instilled in us the importance of obtaining a quality education at an early age. Because of their guidance, we have committed our lives to improving the lives of others through education and service,” said Adrian.

The two also received solid advice and encouragement from the leaders in the Jefferson County School District during their high school matriculation. The many lessons that they received have also played a significant role in their current state as men and educators.

“We credit the amazing teachers who taught us in the Jefferson County School District for establishing our educational foundation. It was those sincere and empowering educators who saw our potential, even when we could not envision it ourselves. Because of those silent heroes, we were able to graduate from high school with honors,” said Cartrell.

The strong mentorship they received from their leaders motivated Adrian and Cartrell to further their education at Alcorn. To them, attending the University was one of the best decisions they ever made.

“The family oriented atmosphere and accessibility to professors at Alcorn afforded us the opportunity to enhance our knowledge base and leadership skills,” said Adrian.

“It was at Alcorn that we discovered our passion for counseling. This was perhaps due to our realization of the need for more African-American males in the educational system,” said Cartrell.

They would later make their way to Jackson State University where they earned Doctorate of Philosophy degrees in administration and supervision. Both of them agreed that their success in becoming doctors is “a testament to their intellectual acumen, mental fortitude and lofty ambition.”

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