LaDonna Cook selected as Poet of the Year finalist at the Indie Author Legacy Awards

LaDonna Cook’s superior writing prowess continues to garner positive accolades from her peers.

Cook, an Alcorn State University alumna, was selected as a finalist for the Poet of the Year Award at the Indie Author Legacy Awards Saturday, June 24 in Baltimore, Maryland.

The nomination is a testament to Cook’s hard work and creative vision. The attention she’s getting for her work is propelling her career in a positive direction.

“This was an amazing surprise and esteemed honor to be recognized as a finalist for my work as an author,” said Cook. “I feel very successful as an international award winning author who continues to receive a global impact as a writer.”

Since the beginning of her writing career, Cook’s goal has been to be the light that guides her audience on a journey to fulfillment.

“My goal in writing poetry has always been to have a positive and lasting impact on the lives of others. With every award and honor, I feel that it widens the reach of my literary works into history, thus adding to my legacy.”

Cook plans to deliver more books that she hopes will “change the lives of others.”

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