Child Development Laboratory Center observes National Sunglass Day

Wearing sunglasses, is not only cool, but more importantly, healthier for all ages.

The Department of Human Sciences, Child Development Laboratory Center (CLDC), recently observed National Sunglass Day packed with fun-filled and educational activities for the children to teach them the importance of protecting their eyes from the damaging Ultra Violet (UV) rays of the sun.

National Sunglass Day, observed on June 27, was initiated by the National Vision Council to bring awareness to the public about protecting their eyes from UV rays as they can cause long- and short-term damage to the eyes.

According to the National Vision Council, unlike adults, children eyes cannot filter UV rays which reach the retina; thus, causing more damage to the eyes. Especially during the summer, as children engage in many outdoor activities and families take vacations, exposure to the UV rays from the sun is high.

The CDLC staff took advantage of this observance to creatively craft educational activities by having children engage in exploring the various shapes and colors of sunglasses as they toured the grounds outside of the CLDC building.

“It is always encouraging to see the creative side of our CLDC staff and a delight to see the spectrum of colors as children gleefully displayed their bright-colored sunglasses," says Arthur Owens, director.

Dr. Martha Ravola, interim chair and associate professor, Department of Human Sciences, adds, “The CDLC is an ideal learning platform for our students in the Child Development and Nutrition and Dietetic Programs. I am pleased that our Child Development practicum students, Kimisha Crosby and Jennifer Cruthirds were actively involved in this event. It surely helps translate their classroom learning to the field,”

For more information about the CDLC and the services it provides, contact Owens, 601.877.6255, [email protected] or Dr. Ravola, at 601. 877.4717 or [email protected].

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