Alcorn announces fall student housing contingency plan

Alcorn State University continues to see a rise in the number of students requesting on-campus housing. Due to this increased demand, all available beds may be filled on the Lorman campus. The University has devised appropriate alternatives to ensure that all registered students have access to university housing for the fall semester.

If all available housing on the Lorman campus is filled, additional student housing will be made available on Alcorn’s Natchez campus to accommodate all students requesting campus housing. Additionally, the University plans to offer a daily shuttle bus service to transport students to and from Natchez and each student will be provided a full meal plan to use on the Lorman campus.

President Alfred Rankins Jr. feels confident that the University is working diligently to address the housing situation by being proactive in finding solutions.

“Getting a head start on tackling the housing issue gives us a great chance of serving all students during the upcoming academic year,” said Rankins. “We are confident in our ability to maintain a comfortable environment for all students to live and learn.”

Emanuel Barnes, vice president for Student Affairs, has faith that the University will live up to its high standards of customer service.

“Providing quality customer service is important here at Alcorn State University, so making sure that our top customers, the students, are as accommodated as possible is our main priority,” said Barnes. “We continue to encourage students to complete registration as early as possible to foster assignment in their priority dormitory selection.”

Current campus police and facility maintenance services for the Natchez campus residence halls will continue. At the conclusion of the fall semester, the temporary housing solution will be re-evaluated and students will be transitioned to the Lorman campus based on availability.

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