Dr. Josephine Posey authors second university history book

With the success of her first University history book, “Against Great Odds: The History of Alcorn State University,” Dr. Josephine Posey, who is recognized as Alcorn’s historian, recently continued to share the University’s rich legacy.

Posey’s second book, “Succeeding Against Great Odds: Alcorn State University in its Second Century,” will be celebrated Tuesday, Aug. 8 with a reception from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. at Alcorn’s Vicksburg Campus. A book signing and reading will follow at Lorelei Books, located on 1103 Washington St. in Vicksburg, Mississippi from 5:45 to 7 p.m.

With her new book, Posey narrates the University’s ability to adapt to the technological age, proud heritage and ability to overcome obstacles in order to carry on its reputation of achieving excellence.

Some of Alcorn’s greatest leaders motivated Posey to begin documenting significant happenings in Alcorn’s history. Former President, the late Dr. Walter Washington, encouraged Posey to write her first history book after realizing her writing and researching prowess. After receiving more requests from succeeding Alcorn presidents, Posey began collecting historical data for the second Alcorn history book in July 2011.

Aside from documenting some of Alcorn’s most triumphant moments over its storied history, Posey chronicles how faithful alumni has propelled the University to prominence despite facing adversity.

“I feel that spreading the University’s history is important because Alcorn has such a rich and distinctive history that has been shaped by scholarly young men and women who entered the halls of its greatness,” said Posey. “Spreading this history enables others to know that struggles encountered throughout past decades were overcome with hard work, commitment and dedication in receiving a quality education.”

Spreading Alcorn’s legacy with a younger audience was also one of Posey’s missions when writing the book. She believes that by reading her book, the current and younger generations will gain motivation to beat the odds to achieve success.

“To pass this history down through generations, young people will know that with all of the complexities of society, they can still be successful and overcome barriers. The history of our great institution should never be lost in the shuffle, but documented for the knowledge and betterment of generations to come.”

Posey wants readers to understand that committing to greatness and applying positive actions to every task are the recipes for obtaining maximum results.

“Excellence can be achieved at all levels with the right mindset and commitment. To succeed with excellence requires true action, not just words. In order to ensure the impact of this message, one must reflect on the fact that Alcorn was born to succeed and nurtured under the wisdom of great leaders who continued to carry the torch in a thrust for excellence.”

“Succeeding Against Great Odds: Alcorn State University in its Second Century” can be purchased at the University Press of Mississippi, located on 3825 Ridgewood Road in Jackson, Mississippi. To order online, visit www.upress.state.ms.us.

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